"All good things are wild and free" Henry David Thoreau

Hi, I’m Sophie, welcome to bluebirdIreland.ie, where it’s all about living simply & appreciating every little bluebird of happiness that comes your way, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink the wild air & eat all the chocolate,” Ok, he didn’t say the last bit but he should have : ) Check out THE HAPPY BOOK BLOG & lots more below. WATCH MY YOUTUBE VIDEOS to join me in my hunt for local, organic fare and makeup, exploring a more plant based diet, ethical fashion & handmade products for the home or you can click the link to SHOP.

The Wheel Of The Year

The Wheel

"Our Life is frittered awau by detail, simplify, simplify" Henry David Thoreau


Eat Simply

  • Irish wine
  • red wine

Feed Your Senses

Ireland's First Fruit Winery

Seek Beauty

Find Your 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

  • speak your truth
  • Simplify red bowl

Speak Yur Truth

Live Your Truth


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The Happy Book Blog : )

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Somewhere Over The Rainbow Bluebirds Fly

BluebirdIreland.ie was conceived in April 2018. The previous ten years had left me feeling like I had been hit by a tornado, but somehow the twister landed me in my own, ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow,' when I got the opportunity to rent a fairy tale, thatched cottage by the sea, in the picturesque village of Dunmore East, where I am lucky to still reside today & where I am learning day by day, to live a different way of life,  letting my ‘troubles melt like lemon drops’ & appreciating every little bluebird of happiness that comes my way, Sophie

You can find me on twitter @sophiebeltweet but I will soon be tweeting @bluebirdireland & @sophiebelauthor. Come say hi!

Go where you feel most alive